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Who we are


Welcome to Christ's Church of the Hills. Are you looking for a place to find the Love of Jesus?

Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. We welcome you and invite you to come worship with us, and learn about the love of God. Hear what God has for you.

  • We gather to sing and pray, and learn together. We offer a place for reflection and peace. We welcome all people: those who feel full of faith and hope and those who struggle to believe, those who have been to church often and those who have never been. 

  • We welcome those who know well that they are loved by God, and those who can’t yet believe such love is possible.

  • We welcome those who need a place to be for a time and those who are looking for a place to belong longer term.

  • We all need a place to go after the worst happens, and people who when hearing our best news will multiply our joy. You are invited, and welcome here at Christ’s Church of the Hills.

Our Mission


As we seek to fulfill the needs of our church, we can take inspiration from the hymn, "Called as Partners in Christ’s Service". Our church’s demographics behoove us to develop "new patterns for Christ’s mission", and "blend human skills together" so that we may "bring new power and strength for action" both locally and globally. Let us support, with prayers and with action, the Session, Deacons and Trustees as they take on the challenge of "Christ’s clear call to work" for our Church.

Our staff

Clerk of Session: Cheri Koetzner
Secretary of Deacons: Kim Ciezkowski
Chair of Trustees: John Scheuer
Chair of Worship: Linda Scheuer
Church Secretary: Patricia Green-Dehn
Designer: Trish Green

We are members of the Presbyterian Church USA:

We belong to Albany Presbytery:

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